Ancient satellite built by aliens “shot down” by spacecraft, claim UFO hunters

A popular, controversial UFO conspiracy channel claims that NASA is covering up evidence that aliens exist. The YouTube channel, known as secureteam10, posted a video of an alleged “Black Knight Satellite” being shot down. They claim the mysterious satellite was put in Earth’s orbit by aliens more than 12,000 years ago to spy on humans. The satellite’s signal was supposedly first discovered by Nikola Tesla’s radio experiments in 1899.

The conspiracy has taken a wild turn in 2017. Although skeptical, the UFO hunters from secureteam10 now claim the “Black Knight Satellite” has been shot down by a secretive war plane controlled by a group known as the Illuminati. The term Illuminati is used to describe a rich, elite, and secretive class that control society, corporations, religion, and governments.

The UFO hunters posted the video frame on their YouTube channel and analyzed it. The video shows a burning white light careening slowly across the sky. It then starts to break up into various bits of light, with one blasting off into the distance, as if some spaceship took off into outer space.

That light is supposedly the Black Knight Satellite and it has supposedly been destroyed after spying on human civilization for more than 12,000 years. Their site claims, “The Black Knight was an alien aircraft put in Earth’s orbit to monitor humanity. It orbited Earth over a period of 13,000 years, until it was shot down yesterday.”

The conspiracy theorists cited Wikileaks as a source for the information, but there’s no evidence that the information came from a reputable source such as Wikileaks.

The first news of the “existence” of the alien “Black Knight Satellite” comes from a 1998 photograph taken by a NASA satellite. When NASA astronaut Jerry Ross saw the photo, he said in an interview that it’s likely a thermal blanket that he left behind on a spacewalk. The conspiracy theorists claim that NASA is trying to cover up the truth of the matter; however, it was confirmed that astronaut Jerry Ross was asked to wrap thermal blankets around the spaceship’s landing pins to prevent heat loss during the shuttle’s mission to the International Space Station. On the spacewalk, one of the thermal blankets did come loose and drift away into space.

Still, secureteam10 believes the most recent footage shows a “secret Illuminati war plane” blasting the so-called satellite out of the atmosphere. In the video, the supposed “rocket” hits the so called “satellite” and random flashes split the “satellite” into two objects. One of the objects is described as an “alien escape pod” that takes off into outer space.

What do you think? Is this video and its theories legitimate or does all this discredit real UFO research? What is NASA capable of hiding? NASA has confirmed strange sounds from deep inside the Milky Way. Furthermore, is there really a secret order of “Illuminati” and are they at war with alien spies?

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