The answer to the Fermi paradox? Physicist says that humans might eradicate aliens unwittingly

You are probably familiar with all of the science fiction movies and television series where a genocidal alien race invades Earth to eradicate humankind. A Russian researcher suggested that real-life humans are going to be those villains and that we might not even notice we’re eradicating the aliens we come across, an article in stated.

It is a very morbid answer to the long-standing question of the “Fermi paradox,” which wonders if humankind is alone. But that is what theoretical physicist Alexander Berezin wrote in his theoretical paper, which he put up at the pre-print journal

To Berezin, the reason why we have not seen hair nor hide of any aliens – UFOs notwithstanding – or heard a peep on the radio telescopes is that extraterrestrials have not been able to develop sufficient technology that can be detected on the interstellar scale. Humans might be the most advanced race in the galaxy or universe right now – and we are inevitably going to ensure it by wiping out all competition. (Related: Mystery from space: Scientists record three new fast radio bursts – could aliens be trying to communicate with us?)

The first life form to get into space wins intergalactic domination

In his paper, the National Research University of Electronic Technology researcher proposed that the first life form which gains the ability to travel from star to star must eradicate all competition. This “first in, last out” concept is his answer to Fermi’s paradox.

For him, intelligent life could be organic or cybernetic, humanoid or otherwise. The behavior of the life form is the really important part.

Fermi’s paradox required that extraterrestrial life must be capable of growth, reproduction, and being observed by human sensors. The aliens must be able to at least send messages through interstellar space.

However, a civilization that can do so would only need interstellar communications capability if it was growing and spreading nonstop from star system to star system. And such rapacious expansion would involve snuffing out lesser life forms.

On Earth, humans are doing exactly that. We are overrunning every other species on the planet in the process. Now imagine doing that on an interstellar or even galactic level.

“I am not suggesting that a highly developed civilization would consciously wipe out other lifeforms,” Berezin stated. “Most likely, they simply won’t notice, the same way a construction crew demolishes an anthill to build real estate because they lack incentive to protect it.”

Humans are going to become the alien bad guys in every sci-fi movie

He cited the example of an out-of-control artificial intelligence with access to interstellar travel. Such a rogue AI would grow by creating clones of itself, and it would expand by spreading its clones on other planets.

Berezin said that such a dominant life form didn’t need a reason for taking over the galaxy. It will do so simply because it can.

Fortunately for humanity, we will probably not have to fight horrors from space in the future. Unfortunately, we are that unstoppable horde of invaders that overruns planets and extinguishes other life forms.

Berezin believed that humans are the first life form to reach the interstellar age. He also believed we will be the last to leave our home planet to explore space.

He also said that the free will of individuals will not be enough to keep an expansive humankind from rendering all other forms of life extinct. A far greater force would be needed to change how the human race acts.

“I certainly hope I am wrong,” Berezin concluded. “The only way to find out is to continue exploring the universe and searching for alien life.”

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