Large metallic object photographed on Mars… is it part of a spacecraft?

No one knows exactly what this large metallic object is, photographed on the surface of Mars. It stands out in a strange way, appearing as some abandoned space craft. The image, captured by NASA’s Curiosity rover, could be a genuine unidentified space craft or it could be the outline of the rover’s own entry debris.

What appears to be a large metallic object was published by NASA in March. The image has reignited conspiracy theories about the possibility of alien life on Mars and NASA cover-ups.

Could the glinting object be part of a spacecraft, left there by extraterrestrials, or is it merely debris deposited by NASA’s own rover?

NASA’s sketchy history of covering up evidence of life on Mars

The debate began on Reddit, with one user posting, ‘Uh Nasa? UFO caught on Mars Rover mission? Is this real?’ Several commenters backed up the notion, speculating that the object could be of alien origin. So why would NASA keep such a paradigm-shifting discovery a secret? After all, NASA did cover up the fact that water once flowed on Mars, only to admit the fact later on. There’s even evidence that NASA discovered microbial life on Mars in 1976, only to go to great lengths to bury the evidence and halt further speculation of life on other planets.

It could all just be wishful thinking

While there’s reason to believe the object in the NASA image is foreign, not everyone is going along with conspiracy. One user thought the image looked like debris. In fact, the Curiosity rover is equipped with 17 cameras and was studying its own debris at the time. Since there is nothing else in the picture to gauge the size of the metallic image, it’s easy for the eyes to be tricked. Since the eyes can’t determine the size of the object in relation to its surroundings, it’s easy for the brain to make something up out of nothing. The phenomenon, called apopheria, occurs when people see patterns and everyday items in random imagery. It’s similar to looking up and seeing faces and objects in the clouds. It’s all just wishful thinking.

But wishful thinking is good, especially when it comes to the search for other intelligent forms of life in the universe. In such a vast universe, would Earth be the only habitable planet? Would humans be the only intelligent life forms? The infinite, unexplored vastness of the universe would make any rational person think that we are not alone.

Are there other life forms searching through the galaxies looking for people like us? What would they teach us? How would this discovery change our collective perspective on life? (RELATED: For more news on exotic artifacts, visit

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